News GB, 22.11.2020


This month we have decided not to hold The Monthly Committee Meeting for several reasons. We have not received the results of the study by the technical architect in relation to the work in the Bajos / basements. And as you probably know the autonomous communities have been closed for a long time and now the municipalities also. This together with the fact that we can only meet 6 has made us all decide not to meet this month of November.
The pruning work of the 26 palm trees in the garden is finishing. Yesterday they did the last and took all the leaves and branches away and today they are fumigating them against the red picudo.
The installation of more lightenings in the garden will begin on Monday and lamps in the corridors of the extra lift will also be installed.
Apart from the daily and usual work The maintenance employee, Lorenzo, has polished the floor of the social room and it has turned out very well. Much better than expected. He will also open the trenches in the garden for wiring, so we save that expense in the budget. We're very happy with Lorenzo. He does a great job and it shows a lot in our urbanisation. Everything is very clean and well taken care of. We appreciate it very much. His schedule now in winter is continuous from 9:00-17:00
Inés, a co-owner, has offered to close the social room at 7:00 p.m. and open it on weekends. It will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 12:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekends. That way we have the possibility of enjoying it much more. Thank you, Inés. A very good initiative!
I don’t remember if we have mentioned that Elisa is back after her maternity leave. She came back in October. Welcome back Elisa! We are all very happy to have you back and you do a great job!


News GB, 13.06.2020


It's been a while since I wrote anything on the website. All because of the situation of the Corona virus and my absence from the community for a few months. But now there are news, as well as the meeting that the committee held on-line on May 28th.
As displacement between provinces is not allowed, we chose to meet by video conference. Unfortunately, only 2 people from the committee were able to attend, Vice President Andres and I and from the administration Rafael and Ana.
The agenda was as follows:
1. Pool and lifeguard regulations. Agreements to be made and opening.
2. Technical architect Antonio Solano. Documentation submitted and planned dates.
3. Basement humidity
4. Requests and questions

1. Rafael explained the new regulations to us. It is very strict but I am confident that we can comply with it. We must do what is in our hands to avoid contagion.
The pool will open on June 15th with hours from 11-21. We have hired a lifeguard throughout the opening period to avoid fines in case of controls by the authorities.
There is a maximum capacity of 30% which results in 44 people at a time. Our experience from previous years tells us that we will not reach that number of people at the same time, but if necessary, the lifeguard will take turns for the use.
The surroundings of the pool and the railings of the stairs must be disinfected 3 times a day. The lifeguard and Daniel, the community employee, will be in charge.
Disinfectant gel dispensers and posters with the regulations will be installed and for now we will only open one door, that of the showers. This measure to make it easier for the lifeguard to control access and hygiene.
Even so, remember to keep the distance of 2 m from others, both in the pool, in the garden and in the rest of the common areas of our community. And above all, stay home if you have any symptoms.

2. The technical architect has sent us his project for the arrangement of the pool and for the lift for the disabled that we are going to install to access building B. The ramp does not comply with the regulations, but will remain for more access options.
We are still waiting for the rest of his projects, including the restoration of the facade.

3. The committee has decided to give priority to the dampness in the basements of Block B. We have asked Antonio García, the previous technical architect, for his studies of the situation and with them we have asked for 3 budgets from 3 different construction companies.

All the projects and budgets will be presented at the next general meeting. Which we still don’t know when can be held as at the time it’s illegal to gather such a big amount of persons.

We started at 10:00 and the meeting ended at 11:30,

As most of you will know Elisa, the secretary of Aunax, is on maternity leave. She gave birth to her baby on April 10th and both she and the boy are doing well. Congratulations!
Meanwhile Ana, a colleague of hers has been our contact. Due to the virus, the office could opened, but the Aunax employees have worked from home. Now that we have entered phase 3, Elisa's substitute, Alberto, has started. A very friendly young man and from what I have seen so far, very efficient. Let's welcome him to our community!
Phase 3 has also allowed us to reopen the salon and the library.
The tenant of the community apartment had to return to her country also due to this terrible virus, so since mid-April the apartment has been unoccupied. Luna insisted on paying until June 1st. We have taken the opportunity to clean the apartment, control the inventory and Daniel has touched up the paint, so it is ready to be rented again. I have already shown it to two persons, but it was a bit small each of them said, but during this month of June I have two other persons who have asked to see it. We always try to rent it to a single person.

I hope everyone is well and I hope to see you here again very soon.
Cruz del Sur is very lonely!


News GB, 09.02.2020

Parking lot at block B
The gate to the parking lot at block B has been open for a week now. We have installed a new engine, but it turns out that only the newer remote controls work. The whites ones. The older ones, blue / red, turn out to be coded and we have been waiting for the company that sold them to come out and activate the code. A code that only they have. Therefore, we have had to leave the gate open so that the residents who have an old remote control are not locked in.
We hope the company will come soon Elisa has called twice every day during the last week, but so far they they have not shown up.
I would like to encourage everyone to start considering to acquire a new remote controll as the old ones have gone out of production and are, as I said, subject to a coding over which we have no control.

Motorcycles, bicycles etc.
We would like to inform that we have made a closed parking space for motorcycles, bicycles, mobility scooters etc in Calle Cruz del Sur behind the big storage room. Those who would like to rent a parking space can sign up at the office and will be give a key. The price is 50 € / year.

Good initiative
I would also like to inform that a british owner is giving gymnastic classes in the social room every monday at 10:30 am. We are so happy with this initiative.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone

Dear co-owners and residents in Cruz del Sur.
The committee and Ole (web) wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Tomorrow the 22nd is the big day where the Spanish National Christmas Lottery is being held and as you already know the community has sold a number. We have decided to give each employee a coupon as thanks for their services during 2019 and there were 4 coupons left so those four are for the Community of Cruz del Sur.
Good luck to everyone!

The committee:
Randi, Simon, Gracia, Benito, Andres y Jette


News GB, 08.11.2019

I have to inform you that we have had to pospone the extraordinary assembly as the tecnical architect is short of time to make the necessary studies and we will not be able to obtain the estimates for the jobs that cause the necessity for this extraordinary meeting either. We will keep you informed about the new date as soon as we know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I take this opportunity to inform you that the new pump has been installed in the well and that it’s functioning perfectly, so we are now able to water the gardesn and keep the pool again with water from our own well.

I also have to inform you that out cleaning lady, Rafi, has come back from a sick leave of 1 and 1/2 year. We wellcome her back.


Breaking News 05.11.2019

Dear co-owners
You have all received an e-mail from our administration. The sender is: “” A copy will be sent in English soon.
If you accept the invitation you will get direct access to your persol information and to all the common information of our community, f.ex. bills, payments, statutes etc.


News GB



I want to remind you that we still have a suggestion box. Only now it is located next to the office door. The mailbox is for all kinds of suggestions, good and bad reviews and other contacts with the office and the committee.
I would also like to remind you to help keep Cruz del Sur in perfect condition. If you see any damage, breakage or other incident, do not hesitate to notify the administration so that it can be fixed.

And finally we want to inform you that we have bought a Christmas lottery number and the coupons are sold at the office. The price is € 23 / coupon. The price indicated on the coupons is € 20 but if they are sold on the streets you pay 22. We have set the price one euro above and the profits will be left for the next community party. For foreigners who do not know the Christmas lottery of Spain I can inform you that it is one of the largest lotteries in the world and in Spain it is a Christmas tradition. On December 22nd, the prizes are raffled live on television and it is a very dear and very suspenseful event. The number we have chosen is the code for the entrance door to the B building ���� and Andrés has brought it from Asturias. Hopefully it will bring us luck. I invite everyone to acquire one (or more), and so, if we win, we will all benefit together. Good luck!



Dear residents and co-owners

We have two extra news. Let's start with the good one. The community apartment is finally ready and we have had the luck to rent out it already, as from October 15th, 2019 to a young foreign woman, who has come to work here nearby. The rent she pays is € 650 / month and she has deposited 2 months of rent. her name is Luna. Let's welcome her. Yesterday, Mario and I, installed the last things, curtains, a furniture in the living room, a shelf in the kitchen, a coat rack etc and in the meantime we had invited the residents to come and see the apartment. Many passed by and all comments were good.
To those who have not been able to see it, you have the possibility to see the photos we will put up here on this website.

The other news is worse. Today we had to fire our maintenance man, Mario. Not because we are unhappy with his work but because we believe it has been a mistake to have an employee directly in the community again. That is why we had to make that decision and today was his last day. Mario has received his settlement and his salary for the month of October and we have thanked him for his services and always good mood and availability on behalf of everyone. We wish him all the best in the future.
Instead we have hired a company from November 1st, Ave Fenix ​​Servicios Integrales S.L. and they will send a new maintenance employed by them, exactly as we have the gardener and the cleaner. In this way we will not feel casualties or vacations and that employee will have a boss who is in charge of sending him the work he has to do.



Several extraordinary things have happened in the community in recent days.

The well has been cleaned and measured and according to the expert who did the cleaning it is in perfect condition, so we can buy a new pump according to the amount of water that our well gives. According to him he estimates that he gives between 18.000-20.000 liters a day which means that we have enough water for the pool and irrigation. The committee is comparing budgets for the new pump and installation and we assume that it will soon be installed and functioning again.

Our great friend and co-owner Ole Wernberg (312 a), has again done a great job: He has installed two wifi repeaters, the devices and the installation paid for by him and his wife Randi, a member of the committee, so now we can all enjoy free Wi-Fi in the social room and throughout the garden.
Our thanks to Ole!
The keys are:

Name: CDS2445A
Key: cruz1122

Living room and Library:
Name: OW-01X
Key: soffi2000

And finally, the community apartment is almost ready. Wednesday the carpenter will come to place the interior doors and in a few days the kitchen will be installed too, and ready to rent! There are several interested already, so it will not be a problem to rent it out.



At last the new letterboxes have been installed and they are ready to use. As from monday the 6th you can come by the community office and pick up your keys. Please take this opportunity to say hello to our employee Elisa Bustos and give her your personal - and contact information so she can check that the list she has been given by Forum is up-to-date.
For your information we had our first meeting of the new committee yesterday. As from now on Elisa will make the summary and it will be published here as soon as its made.



As most of you will have noticed the installation of the mailboxes is taking longer than expected. First they were installed but they were not well placed so we opted for a change of carpenter and it is never easy to correct the work of another, so he has dismantled everything and started all the work from scratch. The placement of the mailboxes will be during the next week of the 29/4-3/5. When they have been installed you can go to the administration office to collect your keys.

On Monday, April 29 Mario Cordero Codes will deliver all the documentation of Cruz del Sur to our new administrator Rafael Martín and the change of administrator will be definitely fulfilled.


New administration PUSH HERE

Our new administrator takes over the community 15th April and this mean that you can find our / his employee Elisa at our office in the hall of Block B from 9:00-14:00 from monday to friday. This week, as thursday and friday are easterholidays, she will only be there monday - tuesday and wednesday though. Please feel free to pay her a visit and wish her wellcome.

The e-mail to her and thus the administration is: and her mobile number is (+34) 647714724‬


Photo Paella party - PUSH HERE

Dear co-owners

Waiting for Mario Cordero to send the minutes of our general meeting, I would like to inform you that we have a new administrator as from about 16 04.2019. The company is called Aunax and they will send an employee to our new office located at the main entrance of Block B for 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. It will be the same person every day and apart from speaking Spanish he/she will speak English too.

I would also like to introduce you to the new committee:

President - Jette (107a)
Vice President - Andrés (115 b)
Gracia (bajo c)
Benito (201 b)
Randi (312 a)
Simon (502 b)

We will post photos as soon as we have them.

The assembly was good and short since there were no major discrepancies and for the first time we finished at 1:30 p.m. Afterwards we shared a paella in the garden and had a very enjoyable time.



Mario maitenance is back and in full form after a sick leave of 3 weeks because of a torn muscle, a work accident. As you can imagine we have missed him a lot and there are a lot of things waiting to be done, but we can already see he´s back.
We have planted more flowers in the garden and we have made a couple of more flowerbeds and we are studying to have installed built-in lights in the pathway.
The new office will probably be ready in about a week to ten days.
As we have already informed you the committee has made a new regulation. In order to save money for stamps we will put a copy underneath each door. We hope you understand and we hope you will all like the brochure.
The charging staton for the mobility scooters has been a success. The only problem now is that there are too many demands for charging, so we have decided to make a new one outside the building but roofed. As the demand is so high we will have to charge for the service. We hope for your approval.
We look forward to seing you all at the general assembly on March 16th and remember we will finish the meeting with a paella at 3 PM.


Link to Rules

The Committee of the Community of Proprietors ” Cruz Del Sur” has produced an Overview of Internal House Rules. The Rules will be presented at the Ordinary General Meeting on March the 16th. 2019 To be discussed and approved.
The Rules are produced in a Way so they may be extended, reduced or revised every Year at The Ordinary General Meetings.
The Objective is to secure that Owners and Tenants all are aware of the Rules and Regulations as they require Commitment from Everybody.



We have been cutting down 3 big trees and a Yuca palm. The 3 trees had become too big and the roots of 2 of them were entering under Block A and into the black water tanks. We are talking about the one in front of 112 A and the one in front of 101 A. We also had to cut down 2 big cypresses, next to the stairs from the garden of block A, because they were ill. But we will plant new trees, just not trees with big rootings, but trees that decorate and give shadow in summer. On the other side of the stairs there was a big yuca palm, but when the gardener touched it, it was loose, so it also had to be removed.
We have decided to make 2 flower beds in the garden in front of block A, just as the other peaces of garden has. This to unify the aspect of the garden and give it colour.
If any suggestions for the new trees, please contact the committee asap.
This matter has given us the idea to create a garden committee. We need people interested in gardening and people who know about gardening, f.ex in order to make new plants from cuttings etc. Please sign up by contacting a member of the committee.



Dear owners and residents:
From the Government Board of the Community "Cruz del Sur" we are trying to create a “Social-Cultural Club Amigos Cruz del Sur “ with the purpose of promoting and developing cultural concerns, fostering fellowship and improving human relationships between owners and all the residents in general, at the same time as constituting a forum of communication and linguistic and cultural exchange between all of us.
Based in the Community Salon and with the aim of also giving it greater utility, courses, competitions, colloquiums and activities of f.ex. yoga, tai-chi, gymnastics, swimming, ceramics, art, theatre, music, languages, games, can be organised. Reading books, dancing, cooking, gastronomy, excursions etc. etc. Both for children, as for the elderly.
For this it is necessary that a group of residents of the Community get involved, organising and meeting to draft the founding charter of the "Social-Cultural club Amigos Cruz del Sur", designate the organs of the Governing Board, the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and members. Draft the statutes adapting them to the framework statute ... And start working …. All this with help from the committee and the administrator -
It is necessary that the Governing Board and the statutes are ready for approval at the General Assembly to be held on March 16th.
All those who might be interested can contact the President of the Community.

Thank you
The Government Board



As everybody know on Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st January the first aid courses and instruction of the use of the defibrillator were held. It was a great success and we’re already thinking of repeating the course this summer so more persons can benefit from it.
On Thursday 31st the defibrillator was installed and is already working.
The assistants of the course were: Esther and Rafi the cleaners, Francisco the gardener, Brian and Kim from 911b (British), Michael from 211b (British), Joëlle from 109a (French) and Anja from 204a (German). Thanks to all of them.



Happy New Year.
On the initiative of Pierre and Joëlle Durand from 109A everyone in Cruz del Sur were invited to a little relaxed New Year's meeting in the big room in block B on January 11, 2019 .
App. 30 people met and we had a couple of pleasant hours with each other. There were French, Spanish, English, Norwegian, German and Danish people. It wasn't always we completely understood each other, but it was no problem, the only important thing is our love for Cruz del Sur
Everyone came with some food and their own drinks - plus a little extra.
It was a great success and we have already agreed to repeat the event next year - Happy New Year
See the pictures here: Press LINK-1



Dear friends and co-owners.

We believe that at last we have a good team of employees in Cruz del Sur. They are professional, caring each one for their tasks and always very kind. Therefore the committee has decided to have a little attention with each one on behalf of the whole community this Christmas and we have given them a box of chocolates each together with some words in order to thank them for their services during this year. Apart from this we have given Mario, maintenance, a gift card of 100€ to El Corte Inglés, as he is the only direct employee we have. The others are employed by an external firm.
We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and today, 22nd, the day of the grand Spanish Christmas lottery, may the luck be with you!


Christmas has come to Cruz del Sur

Press the link


PUSH HERE to see the pool test document

We have a super saltwater pool, but the water has to be constantly monitored by the health authorities to ensure the optimal quality. Besides from Mario and Francisco who make the daily tests a laboratory make quarterly tests and the Committee has decided that a copy of the result will be placed in the vitrine cabinet close to the mailboxes. The employees will fill in another document with information about daily water temperature, ph value and chlorine value.

In the same cabinet, from now on, there will be another scheme showing what dates the different floors etc. have been cleaned.

The maintenance man will start the work in the office and apartment belonging to the community.



This summer has shown that our saltwater pool has been a very big success. A major repair and maintenance work has been done, and now the showers at the pool are being replaced, so we get a state-of-the-art pool area that we need to take care of.
It must be made clear to everyone that for the sake of our health and hygiene it is important ALWAYS to rinse off under the shower before jumping into the pool.



Remember that you can get all the news and texts on the website in your own language on both tablet, ipad and pc. Press A-link and follow the instructions - this is not difficult.
The translation is done using a GOOGLE Translate robot, so it may not always be 100% correct, but you can easily understand it.



The work on the roof of the apartments “Bajos” will start next Tuesday.
We have found a major water leak under the showers at the pool. That is why they are turned off. The plumber will start the repairing on Monday.
We have had problems with rats this summer. Traps and poison have been put out and at last dead rats are beginning to appear.


Push here to see the new pool cleaner robot

As most of you have probably noticed the pool had to be emptied at the end of june because of changing of some rusty keys and the big repairing in the bunker where all the machines are. despite the unfortunate moment specially the children had a great time bathing and playing in the almost empty pool. We took the opportunity to change from chlorine to salt so now the quality of the water is better for the skin and we are ahead of the new pool regulations that will prohibit the use of chlorine in a few years. The automatic acid inyector has also been repaired and yesterday at last the new "pool-cleaner-machine” arrived. The committee decided to purchase this machine because it means a saving both in water, salt and time that the gardener spends cleaning the bottom and walls. Now the machine takes care of the cleaning of the pool and the gardener can dedicate those hours to other jobs and keep our garden even more beautiful.



We started emptying the pool on Sunday at 6pm but it took much more time than expected so the plumber couldn’t change the key until Tuesday. We decided to use the waiting time to clean the pool area thoroughly and on Tuesday at midday the plumber could change the key and we started filling up the pool again. We hope the pool will be open again tomorrow 21/6.



The padlocks of the parking places in Calle Cruz del Sur have now been changed. You can buy your new key/s at Forum or on Tuesdays between 1-2pm at our own office to a price of 10€/key. The list of apartments that have purchased it will be announced.



Dear Owners;
Gathered in "Cruz del Sur", last Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, we would like to inform you about the issues and conclusions we have reached. press LINK-A



The Committee has a desire to improve the communal facilities of Cruz del Sur for the benefit of all. There are, among other things, a proposal to set up a library in the room in Block B. If you also would like a room with free access to books, weekly magazines, games and free Wi-Fi, press LINK-1 for more information.



Thanks to Ole Wernberg, Apartment 312 A, who has repaired the ceiling of block A after the windy days and put sand bags upon the ceiling tiles so they hopefully will not fall down again. He has also relocated the fire extinguisher and repaired the walls where needed.



As you have probably been informed by the administrator the community fees will be charged monthly from now on. This in order to make it easier to face the increase.



The new water installation is finally completed, except for a few apartments where we have not been able to get in touch with the owners. So the old water system will definitely be disconnected on Monday 16th April.

If you are one of the above mentioned, that due to communication problems has not yet been connected, please contact our administration Forum either by e-mail or phone and ask them to make an appointment with the plumber. You can also contact the committee though this mail service.

As some of you probably have experienced we have had a lot of water damages lately and unfortunately the latest water bill has been much more expensive than normal. According to the plumber this must be due to the private installations in each apartment, because there are no commun leaks. (They can check that by closing the general water supply to the building and check the water meeter. And if it doesn’t run when the water is turned off, there are no leaks). So we have decided to close the faucets outside each empty apartment. Thus if you arrive and there is no water in your apartment just open it again. And please check if your wc is loosing water or if your water taps are dripping. In that case have them repaired immediately or close the water to your apartment when leaving again.


General meeting 2018

Thanks to everybody that attended the General meeting on Saturday. And thanks for giving your proxies to the people who you rely on.
The administrator will make the resume as soon as possible and send it out to all the owners.
The administrator was reelected and so was the president. The two former members of the committee Mr. Rufino Fernandez (614b) and Mr. Manuel Jiménez Calisalvo (112a) continue in the committee and another 3 have joined us:
Mrs. Gracia Maria Cabello Perez (bajo c) as vicepresident and Mr. Benito Romero Lara (201b) and Mr. Andrés García Ruf 115b) as new members.
We wish the new members welcome and look forward to a good and sucessfull collaboration during the next year.


Statutes of Cruz del Sur

Our statutes are retyped and available at in an English and Spanish version, and in a format that makes it possible to use GOOGLE TRANSLATE directly.
If you are using GOOGLE browser, you can read the statutes in your own language. (see
The translation is done electronically, so we must accept that inaccuracies can occur in both languages and setup.

Statutes of Cruz del Sur:
Spanish version: (Original)
English version: (Translation)



Despite several reparations in the Bajos there is still water coming out of the ceiling/wall in the cellar of Block B, so the committee decided to call the company that normally cleans the sewers and make them investigate the pipes with cameras.

The result is that there is a broken pipe underneath another Bajo apartment and we have asked for permission to come in and access the pipe for reparation.

As soon as the owners let the plumbers in, the reparation will be done and we hope for this to be the final problem so the cellar can get dry again.



As We have received a lot of calls since last Saturday in connection with a note which has been put under the door in each apartment in Cruz del Sur.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, We would like to manifest that this has nothing to do neither with the administration nor with the committee of Cruz del Sur.

Yours sincerely
The committee



The general assembly will be held on March 17th 2018 at 10:00.
You will receive the usual notification from the administrator, but we just wanted you to know the date beforehand so you can make plans.



Francis, the gardener, will be on holidays for the next 4 weeks. The company will send another gardener to do the substitution.

We take this opportunity to remind you the working hours of the staff from Monday to Friday:.
Gardener: 8 am - 2 pm
Cleaner: 7 am -12 noon
Maintenance man: 3 pm -7 pm



All housing associations should have a set of statutes that set rules for the common property. You can find the statutes for Cruz del Sur (ESTATUTOS CRUZ DEL SUR) here Push "Statutes"



The work on the roof of block A is being a bit slow because the product they use requires a totally dry surface. But despite this inconvenience the work is moving along.

At this moment they are working on top of apartment 310, 309 and 308.

The periods when they are not able to work on the roof they employ finishing the pladour boxes through which the cables for the airconditioning and the satellites will run and painting the spots that have not yet been painted in block A



The firm Ecosol is finishing the new water installation at last so in very little time the old water supply will be turned off and only the new supply will be connected.

In this regard we ask the owners of the following apartments, with whom it has been impossible to get in touch until now, to contact the administration and make an appointment in order to get connected to the new system ASAP.
Otherwise they will be without water. And they would have to wait until Ecosol can come back to do the work.

We are talking about the following apartments, all in block B: 102 - 105 - 109 - 113 - 115 - 117 - 201 - 206 - 217 - 401 - 402 - 403 - 416 - 417 - 502 - 507 - 508 - 607 - 608 - 610 - 616 - 703 - 705 - 706 - 806 - 808- 904 - 906 - 908 and the Bajos: B - H -I



Due to holidays, the roof repair of bl A will start on Monday, December 11th



The work on the roof of bl A will start on Thursday 7th Dec



See the old documents that show how Cruz del Sur started - very exciting reading Push "History"



As you have probably noticed we have had problems with the water supply both yesterday afternoon and this morning.

The problem is electrical so right now we are connected directly to the main external water supply until the electrician can make the reparation tomorrow.
I hope the apartments on top of the B-block have enough pressure.


Own language

Get the in your own language Push "Own language"



The new water installation is just about to be completed. On the 1st of December 2017 everybody should be connected to the new system and the old system will be closed down.

Please contact us or the administrator asap if your apartment has not yet been connected! At the same time the company will remove all their stuff from our living room and it will have a good cleaning.



Due to winter time the pool hours are now 9 am to 7 pm



As wintertime started the working hours for our staff has been adjusted.
Francisco (gardener): 08:00-14:00. Rafi (cleaner): 07:00-12:00. Abraham (maintenance): 15:00-19:00



The cypresses on the right hand side of the entrance to block A from the garden have been replaced because they invaded the pathway and the angle of view of the camera and after trying to cut them down it was discovered that they were withered.

The gardener has seized the occasion to try to make the two sides similar.



The brown water tanks under the Apartamentos "bajos" will not have to be changed as we thought.

The inundation in the cellars of block B was caused by a problem in one of the private showers and an obstruction of a downpipe, so the shower has been repaired and the obstruction has been cleaned, the cellars are dry, the light is working again and the community has avoided having to pay a considerable expense.



The weekly office hour has changed from Friday to Thursdays 1-2PM.

Apart from the services offered by the administration we offer photocopies and printing of documents or boarding passes for a low price, only to cover toner expenses.



You have properly noticed that the water in the pool has been a little muddy and later green lately. We use the water from our own well for the pool and for irrigation, but last week, despite the filter, the water came out a little dark and the gardener didn't notice it until it was too late.

The quality of the water is good and the ph value is perfect though, so it's safe to use. Little by little it is getting back to normal.



The cornice of block A is being repaired in order to prevent humidity. Immediately after that the work of the new roof will start.



Our office, which is located in the hall of Block B, now has an extra service function.
An employee from the administration office, Forum, will attend you at our own office every friday between 4 and 5 PM.
The president will be present as far as it’s possible for her.


More info

We have held a meeting with the children in Cruz del Sur and they have elected a child committee and a child president. Push "More info"



The platforms and conductions for future airconditioning installations in Bl. A is almost ready. There is an economical offer announced in the showcase in the entrance of Block A. More info PUSH HERE



The work of the new roof of Block A is just about to begin. So is the work underneath the “Bajos” apartments in order to replace the “brown water” tanks.



Connection of the apartments in block B to the new water pipes is progressing. Almost all apartments in Block A are connected already. (jf)

News GB, 30.10.2019

I want to remind you that we still have a suggestion box. Only now it is located next to the office door. The mailbox is for all kinds of suggestions, good and bad reviews and other contacts with the office and the committee.
I would also like to remind you to help keep Cruz del Sur in perfect condition. If you see any damage, breakage or other incident, do not hesitate to notify the administration so that it can be fixed.

We want to inform you that we have bought a Christmas lottery number and the coupons are sold at the office. The price is € 23 / coupon. The price indicated on the coupons is € 20 but if they are sold on the streets you pay 22. We have set the price one euro above and the profits will be left for the next community party. For foreigners who do not know the Christmas lottery of Spain I can inform you that it is one of the largest lotteries in the world and in Spain it is a Christmas tradition. On December 22nd, the prizes are raffled live on television and it is a very dear and very suspenseful event. The number we have chosen is the code for the entrance door to the B building ���� and Andrés has brought it from Asturias. Hopefully it will bring us luck. I invite everyone to acquire one (or more), and so, if we win, we will all benefit together. Good luck!