Cruz del Sur now has it’s own website

The members of the committee and the administration have for long had the wish to asure an optimal:

      • Communication with the owners
      • Information and contact to both owners and users.

And now we have the possibility. 

Check out


What is this?

Constantly there are lots of questions and in order to avoid rumours, myths and misunderstandings the committee and the administrator has decided to create a website, so everybody can seek information, not only when present at Cruz del Sur, but also if you live abroad. F.ex.

      • There are workers at the roof – what are they doing?
      • Will the pool close down for the winter? etc etc



We have been lucky to be able to count on Ole Wernberg, owner of 312 A. He has created the website totally free of charge, and in collaboration with Jette, we have filled it with information. And we will keep it updated as well as possible.

We have decided to use English as the principal language and translated all into Spanish. Some few documents are only in Spanish, because they are official and have not yet been translated. We count on your understanding.

If all of us have to feel the engagement and take responsibility for the wellbeing in our wonderful Cruz del Sur it is important that we have the possibility to know what is going on and be able to communicate with the committee - now we do!

Please wellcome our new