Get in your own language


Important info:

                • You must have the newest updated version of Google Chrome browser
                • You may need to uninstall Chrome and reinstall Chrome to ensure the latest version with all updates. 
                • You can use Google translate with both I-Pad, Tablet (Android), Laptop and PC

PC or Laptop

          • When you enter and your Chrome browser is new or updated you will see this icon (fig.1) in the right side of the address line. Press it to connect the "Translate" function.
          • When the "Translate" icon is pressed (Fig.1) you will see a small "Drop down" menu (fig.2) where the desired language can be selected.
          • All languages other than English are translated by Google Translate, which is an automatic translation machine and we have to accept some linguistic errors and inaccuracies.

I-Pad or Tablet (Android)

          • Here is no icon. The small "Pop up" menu (Fig.3a) will automatically pop up from the bottom of the image when accessing
          • Language is chosen in the same way as mentioned above and you can choose from more than 100 languages so it's really possible to keep an eye on what's happening in Cruz del Sur.